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5411 Jackman Rd. Toledo, Ohio 43613
Park - (419) 266-0039
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Park Coordinator: Glen Taptich

A beautiful park is available to all GM Toledo Transmission employees, retirees, and their families. A Board of Directors that consists of both union and management operates the park. Each season, the park board hires students to maintain the park and operate a children's program that is available to the children and grandchildren of all Powertrain employees. (click on the additional resources below for views of the park and a map)

The park as it now exists is complete with a running track, two tennis courts, basketball courts, horseshoe pits, two playgrounds, sand volleyball courts,
two baseball diamonds, a 9-hole putt-putt golf course, two gazebos and five shelters that are available for family parties.

Employees of GM Toledo Transmission will be greeted by an enthusiastic group of attendants composed of five area college students who have been selected to work at the Family Recreation Park this summer. Their duties include checking in visitors, handing out equipment and park maintenance.

What we offer the membership:

The annual events hosted by GM Toledo Transmission and Local 14 are as follows:

September: Park & Shine

October: Haunted Fun Night (Halloween)

December: Christmas Lighting (Old Newsboys)



GM Toledo Transmission and UAW Local 14 have also hosted major events
at our park facilities that have been open to the community as follows:

Vietnam Moving Wall

Roller Blade Marathon for Child Abuse

Red Cross 911 Disaster Relief Car Show

The 50th Commemoration of the Korean War

Red Cross Picnic (for under-privileged children)

Selective Service Ceremony

Veteran's Tree Dedication

Bridge Crossing (Girl scouts)

US. Marines Awards Picnic

Annual Head Start Picnic (Washington Local Schools)

Annual Picnic for Down syndrome Children



We start taking reservations for the summer months on February 1st.


The Family Recreation Park is for the use of GM Toledo Transmission Employees, Retirees and their families only. CLASS REUNIONS, CHURCH PICNICS AND PRIVATE CLUB ACTIVITIES ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

Each GM Toledo Transmission employee or retiree is allowed to rent one shelter one time per year.

There are 5 shelters in the park, 4 are 60 person capacities and rent for $35.00; 1 is 100 person capacity and rents for $45.00.

When renting a shelter, the person who has rented the shelter MUST be present at all times.

You will present the reservation application form and sign-in at the control office upon arrival.

You assume accountability for damages to the park grounds or structures caused by you or your guests.

When equipment is lost or damaged, the person who rented the shelter is responsible for the cost of replacing the item(s).

You are responsible for the cleanliness of your area.

No pets, No weapons, No fireworks, No alcoholic beverages, No tree climbing, No power operated vehicles, No abusive language, No wading or fishing in creek is allowed in the park.

Bicycle riding or inline skating are permitted on the running track only.

Vandalism of park property means loss of park privileges.

Parking lot is to be used by employee/retiree and guests using the park facilities.

Employees/Retirees are responsible for their guests.

You may rent one (1) shelter one time per year.

Cancellations must be made one (1) week in advance for refund. In case of rain, a rain date may be chosen PROVIDED that a shelter is available, but no refund will be made.

You have been presented a waiver of Worker’s Compensation Benefits for signature.


Employees and retirees of GM Toledo Transmission may rent one tent at a time, but as many times as you want during the summer.

There are 4 tents to rent per weekend. The fee is $45.00 and you get the tent from Friday to Monday. The tents are tops only, there are no sides.



1ST Sunday after Labor Day: Park & Shine Car Show

October (date unavailable) Halloween Fun Night

This is a tentative schedule and dates are subject to change.

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